Display stand with 120 hanging boxes assortment

This display stand includes the following hanging boxes:

10 x KF02018: drawing pins (solid head)
10 x KF02019 : drawing pins (white)
10 x KF02020 : drawing pins (coloured)
10 x KF02021 : paper clips 26mm sharp
10 x KF02022 : paper clips 32mm
10 x KF02042 : paper clips 26mm sharp (assorted colours)
10 x KF02025 : paper clips 50mm round (corrugated)
10 x KF02026 : paper clips 50mm round (assorted colours)
10 x KF02028 : paper fastener
10 x KF02029 : push pins
10 x KF02031 : picture hooks
10 x KF02032 : rubber bands (coloured)
Technical Information

The metal frame has an iron wire with painted coating

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