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Environmental and Social Responsibility Charter

Environmental and Social Responsibility Charter

Q-CONNECT® is one of Europe’s leading brands of office and business supplies, used daily in over 20 countries. This position gives us the responsibility to ensure we protect the environment for future generations. Read our full environmental and social responsibility charter here.
Q-Connect Amfori member

Q-Connect Amfori member

Q-Connect works with Amfori to ensure our suppliers comply with social and environmental standards.
Q-Connect Ecolabels

Over 450 certified eco-friendly products

Over 450 products in our range have certification from one of the world's leading certification organisations, guaranteeing that they are made of sustainably produced resources.
K-Tipp Quality for Money

Best Quality for Money

In a quality test by Swiss organisation K-Tipp, our retractable ballpoint pens KF00267/8/9 were named best quality for money, out of 16 pens!
Q-Connect Product Quality Policy

Product Quality Policy

The Q-Connect® brand is positioned at a level which matches or exceeds the quality of the market leader. Read our full product quality policy here.