My shredder will not stop. It only stops by turning the machine off

The shredder is designed to operate for a couple of seconds after paper has cleared the machine – this is normal and helps clear paper through the cutting heads. If the shredder continues to work after a shredding cycle and does not stop then this is either

  1. The waste basket is full. You should empty the basket or compact the shredded paper.
  2. There might be some paper stuck in front of the sensor. Try clearing it by reversing and then returning the switch to auto or by shredding some more paper. Please unplug and try to remove all residual paper from the blades. If you have an air duster or vacuum cleaner, you might want to blow away paper dust particles.
  3. Insert an index card or any rigid sheet of cardstock (old greeting card, file folder, or a sheet torn from a cereal box), directly in the center of the feed slot, while applying force to help push the jammed paper through. This will usually clear any paper blocking the activation sensor and feed entry.