On the back of each calculator, you can see a small slide with an arrow on it. If you push slightly on this while sliding it down, the slide will come off. Then you can see a small button cell battery which you can replace. Just take it out with a small object like a paper-clip… Read more

To reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not open the unit. No user serviceable parts are inside. Keep your hands and the cord away from hot parts of the appliance during operation. Since deposits can built up over a period of time please clean the rollers periodically… Read more

The shredder is designed to operate for a couple of seconds after paper has cleared the machine – this is normal and helps clear paper through the cutting heads. If the shredder continues to work after a shredding cycle and does not stop then this is either

  1. The… Read more

Is the shredder connected at the mains and is the power turned on? Is the shredder switch set to ‘auto?’ Is the shredder located correctly on top of the basket? Press down firmly on the shredder head to ensure it is in the correct position. Has the shredder over heated? Turn off… Read more

Empty the waste bin and try reversing the unit to clear the jam. If this does not work, disconnect power, trim off paper above and below the jam, reconnect power and try alternating between reverse and auto until the jam clears. If at any point the shredder stops working during… Read more

While in “Auto” mode, the motor will not start running until paper is inserted into the feed slot. Set the unit to “Auto” and insert paper to be shredded. The sensor that activates the shredder in Auto mode is located directly in the center of the slot. If the paper you are… Read more

  1. Switch the shredder over into Reverse (REV) mode. While in Reverse, the shredder will back up and loosen the jammed paper. If required, you may need to tug and remove several sheets to effectively clear the machine. When jammed paper is loosened or removed, switch back… Read more