Word templates

ico_word This icon indicates a Word template is available for download. This will allow you to print the labels correctly. You can even use the mail-merge function embedded in Word. If a template is not 100% accurate, you can adjust the margins manually.

We recommend to print a test sheet before printing on the label sheets.

TemplateKF-N°.  Dimensions in mm  AVERY © A4/A5AVERY © ZWECKFORM ©HERMA ©APLI © /AGIPA ©
KF21003suspension file insert
KF0158138,0mm x 21,0mm3666
KF0113038,1mm x 21,2mmL7651366642701283
KF0057338,1mm x 21,2mmC2651366642701283
KF0228840,0mm x 75,0mm
KF0022545,7mm x 21,2mm6102L47784097
KF0019048,5mm x 25,5mm36571223
KF0022948,5mm x 25,5mm36571223
KF1063852,5mm x 21,2mm42731284
KF0057452,5mm x 29,7mm36514392
KF0228760,0mm x 30,0mm
KF0022663,5mm x 29,6mm61044098
KF0158763,5mm x 38,1mmJ8160L71604103
KF2605163,5mm x 38,1mmJ8160L71604103
KF0023063,5mm x 39,1mmL6023
KF2605263,5mm x 46,5mmL7161L71618820
KF2607164,0mm x 33,9mmL71592780
KF1063966,0mm x 33,9mm5053
KF0158266,0mm x 38,1mm3666
KF0158366,0mm x 46,6mm3666
KF1064070,0mm x 25,0mm44551270
KF1064170,0mm x 25,4mm342144551270
KF0176070,0mm x 30,0mm1271
KF1064270,0mm x 30,0mm1271
KF1064370,0mm x 32,0mm34794450
KF1064470,0mm x 33,9mmJ8893536644263
KF1064570,0mm x 35,0mm342244291272
KF1064670,0mm x 36,0mm347543602426
KF0113370,0mm x 37,0mm347444641212
KF0176170,0mm x 37,0mm347444641212
KF1064770,0mm x 37,0mm34741212
KF1064870,0mm x 42,0mm119063
KF1064970,0mm x 42,3mmJ8892736521276
KF0244670,0mm x 50,8mmC2265366942781295
KF1065070,0mm x 67,7mmL4741366142791290
KF0176270,0mm x 67,7mmL474136614279
KF0158499,0mm x 33,9mmJ8162L71624276
KF0158599,0mm x 38,1mmJ8163L71634678
KF0222687,0mm x 50,8mm
KF0228990,0mm x 54,0mmL7417
KF1065196,5mm x 33,9mm4619
KF1065296,5mm x 42,3mm4228
KF0022796,0mm x 50,8mmL60124099
KF0158699,0mm x 42,3mmJ8177
KF2605399,1mm x 34,0mmL71621997
KF2605499,1mm x 38,1mmJ8163L71631998
KF0113499,1mm x 38,1mmJ8163L71631998
KF0023199,1mm x 42,3mmL4772
KF2605599,1mm x 67,7mmJ8165L716241041999
KF0158899,1mm x 67,7mmJ8165L716541041999
KF0158999,1mm x 93,1mm2421
KF0216099,1mm x 139,0mmL41691L7169
KF00228210,0mm x 297,0mm251334704107
KF26093105,0mm x 29,0mm1299
KF10653105,0mm x 35,0mm342344271287
KF01132105,0mm x 37,0mm34841214
KF10654105,0mm x 37,0mm34841214
KF01131105,0mm x 42,0mm4625119065
KF01758105,0mm x 42,0mm4625119065
KF10655105,0mm x 42,0mm4625119065
KF10656105,0mm x 42,3mm36531277
KF10657105,0mm x 48,0mm342443631289
KF10658105,0mm x 57,0mm342544251278
KF10659105,0mm x 74,0mm34274470
KF10660105,0mm x 148,5mmC234234834229
KF26056199,6mm x 143,5mmJ8168L71689635
KF02159199,6mm x 143,5mmJ8168L71689635
KF26050199,6mm x 289,1mmJ8167L7167
KF02158199,6mm x 289,1mmJ8167L7167
KF10661200,0mm x 297,0mm34184458
KF10662210,0mm x 48,5mm365542822435
KF01591210,0mm x 289,0mm251334704107
KF10664210,0mm x 297,0mm251334704107
KF00228210,0mm x 297,0mm251334704107
KF00232210,0mm x 297,0mm251334704107
KF10664210,0mm x 297,0mmJ856734704107
KF01759210,0mm x 297,0mm251334704107
KF02128CD-DVD label J8676L76764093
KF02129CD-DVD label J8676L76764093
KF01579CD-DVD label J8676L76764093
KF01580CD-DVD label J8676L76764093
KF05599CD-DVD label J8676L76764093
KF05608CD-DVD label (compatible with KF02128)J8676L76764093
KF02193Business Cards 5 Business Cards Per Sheet