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blaue_engellogo_nordic_swanBenefits to Environment and Health*

Recycled toner modules help to avoid waste and save resources with stringent requirements for ingredients and the control of emissions of organic substances. The Blue Angel brings colour to the office in an environmentally friendly way. Toner cartridges for laser printers and multifunction devices are replaced as soon as the toner powder within is consumed, meaning millions of empty modules end as waste every year, unless they are reprocessed and reused. Refillable toner cartridges carrying the Blue Angel are an alternative to original modules, helping to reduce waste and save resources. In addition, the eco-label indicates that the unit’s emissions are controlled – even for refilled cartridges – and that strict emission limits are met.

Recycled ball pens

Recycled ballpoint pens are made of cardboard

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Biodegradable Ballpoint pen: KF14625

Icon corn starch81% biodegradable as the plastic is made of corn starch.



Biodegradable %81%100%
Chlorine Quantity %0%0%
Volatile Organic Compounds%0%0%
Soy-Based Inkyes
Ozone safeyesyes