Q-CONNECT laminating machines

Next to the variety of pouches in the regular thickness (80 micron-125 micron) and sizes (from ID-card to A3), we are proud to present our range of reliable laminating machines offering great comfort and ease.

KF n° EU/Swiss plug:




KF n° UK plug:




A4 Standard laminator - (QA4s)

A4 Standard laminator (QA4s)

KF17003 - KF17004

A3 Standard laminator (QA3s)


A3 Professional laminator (QA3pro)

Power consumption 262W 352W 350W
Roller/ Heating Mechanism 2 rollers 2 rollers 4 rollers
Switch Jam release button Jam release button Jam release button
Preheating time 3-7 mins 3-7 mins 5 mins
Heater temperature Between 125°C – 145°C (fixed) Between 125°C – 145°C (fixed) 130℃ / 150℃
Additional features LED on and ready indicators Hot and Cold laminating LED on and ready indicators Hot and Cold laminating Professional 4 roller system with high laminating quality 2 hot rollers and 2 cold rollers to guarantee high laminating quality
Reverse Function
Cooling and entry trays
LED on and ready indicators
Max. Laminating thicknes Max 0.6mm Max 0.7mm Max 0.5mm
Laminating speed 250mm/min 250mm/min 410mm/min
Net. Machine Weight: 0.88kg 1.66kg 3.5kg
Machine Size: 360*150*78mm 454*150*78mm 512*172*94
Working width 240mm 340mm 330mm
Starter Kit: A3 100mic 2PCS
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Laminating pouches

The daily solution to protect valuable pictures, presentation pages, reference lists, product sheets and much more. High quality pouch construction, minimising copy off-setting.

  • laminating_stepsWritable
  • Water resistant
  • Allows you to cut or trim to adapt to non standard shapes and sizes
  • Non-reflective
  • Rounded corners for safety


Q-CONNECT laminating pouches

Pouch thickness

Level of protection

Typical usage

2x 80 micron Basic Notes, pictures
2x 100 micron Everyday Notes, pictures, crafting
2x 125 micron Advanced Notes, pictures, crafting, certificates
2x 200 micron Ultimate Notes, pictures, crafting, certificates, menus, external use