Double sided tissue tape

Double sided tissue tape


Made of tissue paper both side coated with acrylic adhesive and laminated with release paper, not
recommended for use in PVC label and the leather, please confirm the appropriate conditions before using, be
sure the tape packing with not sticky material to avoid surfaces adhered, forbid to pack with shrink films.

  •  The tape is used to best effect between the temperature of 13℃~33℃
  • No recommend to use below temperature of 10℃
  • Storage: Well package, 25℃
  • 60% humidity, within 6 months from the date of the production.

KF02221: 25mm x 33m
KF17472: 38mm x 5m
KF17473: 38mm x 10m
KF17474: 50mm x 5m
KF17475: 50mm x 10m

Technical information

Technical sheet
September 2, 2014