About us

Q for Quality.

Q-Connect offers a wide range of attractively priced office essentials as an alternative to brand name products with over 70 product categories and over 5,000 products.  Q-Connect combines quality products with a nice design. The Q-CONNECT brand is distributed throughout exclusive resellers in almost every European country.

It’s a brand created by 10 leading office products and business supplies distributors across Europe. It was established in 1998 and meanwhile is being sold in over 23 countries.

The brand offers more than 9000 SKU’s from a paperclip to a paper shredder, from a wood pencil to a wireless keyboard and from copier paper to USB memory sticks.

The “Q” in Q-CONNECT stands for quality. Every product we introduce under the brand needs to comply with the highest European standards. It helps you getting your job done in a stress free way.

The Q-CONNECT assortment is in constant movement to adjust it to the office needs of today.



Years of experience.

Product categories.

5 Reasons to buy Q-CONNECT


Wide range

With over 5000 products we are sure to have the item you are looking for.

European Standards

The products are conform to the technical standards of quality imposed by the European Union.


Thanks to significant economies of scale achieved with the participation of 20 different European companies, Q -CONNECT products offers a quality / price ratio that cannot be beaten.


With seasoned professionals in over 20 countries and many years of experience we know to select the best office products for your business.

Great quality!

As you know, the “Q” in our logo stands for quality. And we’re proud of it!